Significance Of A Dream Catcher

What are dream catchers? 

Dream catchers were originally conceived as Native American charms to be hung by the bed or the window to ward off bad dreams. 
In its core essence dream catchers are Mandala’s – sacred geometrical forms that are aligned to create harmony and used as energy filters in any space that they house, and can be hung in any space one desires. Free from the norms of the Vastu and fengshui, dream catchers from soul works fuse to become windchimes with metals charms and shells to give it a gentle soothing ring.

At Soul works we integrate several art forms from the tree of life to the dream catcher, the flower of life, to Mandala’s to create powerful symbols. 
The tree of life is a culturally diverse symbol that represents infinite abundance, prosperity, stability, security and humility.

How to choose the best dream catcher for you?

Unlike crystals, dream catchers hold the same energy and effect irrespective of their size. 
Each color holds meaning and significance.

White stands for:
Cleansing and clarity, purity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, faith, beginnings, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection

Red color stands for:
Stability, security, grounding,manifestation, survival

Orange color stands for:
Courage, confidence, self worth, empathy, creativity

Yellow color stands for: 
Power, personal power, will, energy, self esteem, social identity, happiness

Green color stands for: 

Healing relationships and creating abundance, love, understanding, trust, hope, openness, compassion, balance, forgiveness

Blue (light blue) color stands for: 
Communication, expression, sound, vibration, self expression, listening, speaking, writing

Indigo color stands for:
Vision, intuition, telepathy, connection to higher self 

Violet color stands for:
Integration and being connected to the source energy, universal consciousness, all knowing

Black color stands for: 
Protection, power, mystery, strength, authority, elegance

Having said that your subconscious is deeply attuned to its needs and will guide you to finding your perfect match simply by feeling strongly attracted to a piece and you would know it belongs to you.

There is no such thing as a wrong choice. At soul works we believe that we are all tuned to the divine rhythm of the universe and every choice you make opens gateways of magic and blessings ahead.