About Us

Soul works is a brand established in 2012 as a passion project that kickstarted in Karima’s balcony.
After she quit  her job as a full time set dresser and art director for mainstream Bollywood, she found her heart’s calling in organising small-scale Tarot reading pop-ups, with dream catchers and tiny temples as experimental creations on the side. The universe of course has its own ways and soon enough, Karima's niche offerings began to grab attention and appreciation. Since then, Soul works has gone on to become a renowned brand name, housing unique Indian-inspired dream catchers, miniature temples, artefacts, paintings, jewelry, and nick-knacks.

Karima continues to integrate her interest in the occult through her practice of Tarot, Reiki and intuitive counseling. She works out a cozy store-cum-workshop in old Bandra village. She has a team of over 30 women working from home, most of whom are associated with different NGOs that empower women to become bread winners in under privileged families.

Each of her dream catchers are energized and activated to become energy filters through her practice of Reiki, intention and affirmations. Soul works retails its products through Flea markets across India and wholesales its products through several lifestyle stores around the world.

Soul works has also created good-will for setting up small to large scale dream catcher themed weddings across the globe. These are available for outright rental and purchase.
Today Soul works continues to grow bigger each day with a team of 30 plus beautiful women affiliated with NGOs from across India. Support us, so you can help empower not just good dreams but good lives too!