• Pearl Bliss Dream Catcher

    Height: 30 inches

    Width: 10 inches

    Description:  This pure white classic dream catcher brings clarity, cleansing and purity wherever it is hung.The tree of life center piece is a Buddhist symbol and represents abundance and prosperity.This dream catcher has shells, metal charms of leaves and butterflies and is a wonderful piece of home decor as well as also makes for a wonderful gift.

  • Royal Evil Eye

    Size-12 inch dia. 36 inches tall.

    Description: The "Royal Evil Eye" dreamcatcher is a protection symbol for good fortune and as a protection from the power of the evil negative energy. This blue colour dreamcatcher is inspired by the colours of the ocean and the sky. 

    It has a royal evil eye, shells, metal charm of leaves, butterflies, beautiful beads and also a small Tre...

  • Soul messages deck

    51 soul message cards .

  • Boho Butterfly

    Size-6 inches width 24 inches height.

    Many cultures and the Christian religion look to this flying insect with deep reverence and use it as a symbol for many life concepts. To summarize, the butterfly symbolism works as a representation of resurrection, change, renewal, hope, endurance, and courage to embrace the transformation to make life better.

  • Bodhi Tree Frame

    Size:  Height: 11 inches , Width: 12.5 inches

    Material: Fiber statue in a fiber frame with a wooden jhaali cutwork of tree of life. Lights have bee placed only for image aesthetics. Frame does not come with lights.

    Concept: This compact tiny temple makes for a wonderful gift and can be the perfect mood setter for zen like ambiance.

     This Buddha frame can be hung on the wall as well as can be placed on a table top.

  • Owl cushion blushing beige

    Size - 9 x 12 inches


    The cushion is handmade by a wonderful 60 year old lady from the ngo we are associated with. This cuhsion made in pure organic cotton is embelished with bohemian laces and Macame along with dreamcatcher evil eye charms . 

    The cushion comes with an attached fiber filling and comes exactly as you see in the image. Fluffy and happy :) 

    This cushion is easy to handwash and is quick is dry. 

  • Capiz shell windchime

    Size-11 inches tall 4 inches wide 

What are Dream catchers?

Dream catchers were originally conceived as Native American charms to be hung by the bed or the window to ward off bad dreams. 
In its core essence dream catchers are Mandala’s – sacred geometrical forms that are aligned to create harmony and used as energy filters in any space that they house, and can be hung in any space one desires. Free from the norms of the Vastu and fengshui, dream catchers from soul works fuse to become windchimes with metals charms and shells to give it a gentle soothing ring.

At Soul works we integrate several art forms from the tree of life to the dream catcher, the flower of life, to Mandala’s to create powerful symbols. 
The tree of life is a culturally diverse symbol that represents infinite abundance, prosperity, stability, security and humility.




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